Kismet Six Linens are environmental wraps for your vegetables. Beautiful, functional and long-lasting, Kismet Six Linens are the first fabric food wraps to show you what’s in your crisper. Say goodbye to single-use plastic and ‘see’ what’s in your crisper with organic cotton Kismet Six Linens.

Update Summer 2020

Kismet Six Linens was a market test of an environmental product I came up with and workshopped through the Social Enterprise Network of Central Ontario (SENCO.IO) and the Henry Bernick Entrepreneurship Centre, both affiliated with Georgian College in Barrie.

Why I am no longer making or actively selling Kismet Six Linens

After a really positive reception at the farmers markets, I spent a lot of time researching scaling up Kismet Six Linens. What I learned knocked all three legs out from under the social enterprise premise of Kismet Six Linens—Planet-People-Profit.

Planet: cotton is by no means environmentally friendly, even organic cotton. Trans-oceanic trade is causing profound harm to the oceans and the environment.

People: There’s very little Canadian-made fabric, due to global trade. (There is a small Canadian hemp and linen industry, see Profit below. There is a larger US cotton industry, see Planet above, Profit below.) The textile industry is a highly opaque global juggernaut. Most fabric is cultivated, loomed, printed and sewn on the other side of the planet by people who are not, let us say, working under fair trade conditions.

Profit: I could see no way to source fabric environmentally and pay the artists, sewers, packagers, and retailers fairly while charging a price that anyone whose surname is not Bezos or Koch could pay.

By which point I had come back around to thinking that less is more. In theory, Kismet Six Linens buck a broken system; unfortunately I could not get there in practice.

Sure, I’m disappointed. I spent a lot of time, energy and money on this. As do the approximately 70% of entrepreneurs whose businesses don’t pan out. But this has broadened my world in a way that education and even travel could not have, and for that I am grateful. Truly.

I do have some left from my test run last summer. Waste not want not. Track me down if you’d like some. I’m on LinkedIn. Or at my name at geemail.

Thanks for coming on this journey with me. Keep on avoiding plastic. Keep bucking that system. ?

~ Tamsen Tillson