Kismet Six Linens make you feel great about saying goodbye to plastic in your crisper by providing an alternative that is environmental, effective and beautiful.

Instead of plastic, wrap your fresh food in Kismet Six Linens. They keep it fresh without plastic; and Kismet Six are the only fabric produce linens that show you what’s inside.

Wrapping lettuce in a lettuce crisper linen.
Wrapping technique: “The Burrito.” Flip up, in from both sides and then roll.

My name is Tamsen Tillson. I am a marketing & communications professional, environmental advocate & foodie. I want to help change the way our consumer culture is designed to support products and practices encouraging single-use plastic.

The seemingly simple act of eliminating plastic from my own grocery shopping and in my own kitchen has led me to innovate in a way that I hope that others will want to adopt too.

@KismetSix is on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. You can reach me at

Status Update: Autumn 2019: The Kismet Six Linens summer pilot project at the Bracebridge Farmer’s Market and the Gravenhurst Farmer’s Market was a resounding success and I’m now working to scale this thing up. In the meantime, contact me directly to purchase them, or visit the Kismet Six Linens Etsy Shop.