Not based in Muskoka? No time to visit the Farmers’ Markets? You can now purchase your Kismet Six Linens online.

Two Ways to Buy

You can either purchase directly from this website, or through the Kismet Six Etsy shop.

Buy Direct

Email me at or phone me (Tamsen) at 705-645-5225. I’ll tell you about them and you can ask me as many questions as you like.

What are Kismet Six Linens?

Organic cotton wraps for the fresh vegetables in your crisper. They are unique in that there is a depiction on the outside of the vegetable inside, so you can “see” what’s in your crisper – without plastic.

This is an original idea that comes from my own attempts to adopt a plastic-free lifestyle. I was wrapping my vegetables in fabric and wished there was some way to identify each of them in the crisper.

So far this venture is about as small as it gets. Just Muskoka, Ontario-based me, getting custom-printed organic cotton and sewing it into flats (that can easily be converted into bags using a simple Japanese technique called Furoshiki (video demo).

Prices (all in C$)

1 = $21.99 | 2 = $41.99 | 3 = $61.99 | 4 = $81.99 | 5= $99.99 | 10 = $190.00
HST and shipping (within Canada) is included.

*Are you from outside of Canada? Call me and we’ll figure out a way.

Size and Type

I currently have 12 vegetables available. They are between 17″X17″ and 22″X22″, depending on the vegetable.

Pictures (and text) of the 12 vegetables in which Kismet Six Linens are available: Asparagus, Bell Pepper, Bib Lettuce, Broccoli, Carrots, Celery, Cucumber, Green Onion, Kale/Spinach, Micro Greens, Mushrooms and Sweet Peas.
(Note that the text here is not actually printed on the fabric! It’s just the picture.)

If I have the ones you want in stock I can mail them to you, usually in one business day. I accept e-transfers, PayPal, as well as debit and major credit cards. (I have a Square.)

Kismet Six on Etsy

Or: you can check out Kismet Six Linens on Etsy at

Kismet Six Linens Etsy Profile Picture and brief description
Here’s what the Kismet Six shop looks like.

There you’ll find three options:

  • Singles – Choose one of 12 varieties available for C$21.99
  • Three – Choose three for C$61.99
  • Six – Choose six for C$99.99

Shipping and taxes are included.

Kismet Six Linens Etsy options: five pack, three pack and one pack

Please let me know if anything is not functioning on the website or on the Etsy shop. ( I welcome your questions and comments. Thanks for checking out Kismet Six.