If you have purchased Kismet Six linens, you know they are flats and not bags. That’s because it’s SO EASY to change them over, using a Japanese technique called Furoshiki. This video shows you how in under 1 minute.

Furoshiki is an ancient Japanese technique for tieing fabric for a variety of purposes. Even today, Furoshiki is still commonly used in Japan to wrap gifts (using fabric instead of disposable gift wrap – great idea!) and to make shopping bags and even purses out of textiles. It’s both simple and elegant, as so many things tend to be in Japan.

Perhaps you want to use your Kismet Six Linens at the grocery store. Even at home, some vegetables lend themselves to being kept in bags more readily than wrapped up. Mushrooms, Bell Pepper, Sweet Peas and Broccoli come to mind.

Quite simply, it goes like this:

  1. Fold your fabric into a triangle with the pattern facing in.
  2. Knot the two outside corners.
  3. Flip it inside out.

It’s that easy! You can make the bag bigger by putting the knots closer to the outside, smaller by knotting it closer to the centre. This is one of those demonstrations that I do encourageyou to try at home. And note that it works with any fabric, of course. As long as it’s square. Easy, quick and versatile.

Thanks for giving this a boo. Let me know what you think! kismetsixlinens(at)gmail.com or on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram @kismetsix.

~Tamsen Tillson, June 9, 2019