March 2019 – I am proud to introduce Kismet Six Linens. Wrap your fresh food in Kismet Six instead of plastic. Environmental, effective and beautiful. And you can see what’s inside. Here is a crisper that brings joy.

My name is Tamsen Tillson and I live in Muskoka, Canada. I came up with this idea as an extension of my own zero-waste journey.

I was happy to stop using plastic bags in my fridge, but when I wrapped my produce in tea towels I found it frustrating to not be able to see what I had in the crisper. Perhaps the rest will be history. Too early to say yet.

I have made some prototypes and have a pilot run coming out in May that I will be selling at the Bracebridge Farmers Market on Saturdays, and at the Gravenhurst Farmers Market once a month. At some point I hope to offer them for sale online as well.

I’m looking for feedback and of course I’m looking for customers. Email me at to buy them, if you have questions or suggestions, or have ideas for partnering up.

I also welcome your interaction on social media. Kismet Six is on Facebook and on Twitter @KismetSix.

The name Kismet Six is for my daughter Kismet’s generation and the six to follow.