Bye-Bye Farmer’s Markets

Tomorrow is my last day at the Bracebridge Farmer’s Market with Kismet Six Linens. This is a change of plan, as originally I was going to do this through the fall. But my sales are tapering off and I have heard the same comments and questions 100s of times. I’m also running out of some of the textiles. Lots of people love the idea. Not too many want to pay $17.69 each. 

Scaling Up

So I am concentrating on sourcing and retail to scale up (while still keeping it organic and fair trade). Tips welcome. In particular, I would like to connect with artists who might want to collaborate and retailers who might carry them. Investors welcome too. 🙂

I do still have some stock but will not be ordering again from my previous supplier as the fabric, beautiful as it is, is prohibitively expensive. This was a pilot run to develop the product, brand, packaging and gather research, all of which has gone well. 

You Can Still Buy Them

If you want to purchase and we don’t connect tomorrow, you can purchase by emailing me at or thru the website here or on Etsy at I may do some Christmas markets. I hope that Kismet Six Linens will in future become more widely available and at a lower price.

Many Thank You’s

A huge thank you to all of you who have been so encouraging with your kind words. And to those of you who have purchased. I still very much want to know how it’s going—the good, yes, but also the bad and the ugly. So please keep in touch. I truly appreciate your honesty. I’ve heard a lot of positive feedback, but I do want to reiterate—please don’t say nice things just out of kindness. If you’re not using them, I want to know sooner rather than later! The last thing I want to do is create more “stuff” that goes to waste, and to continue to invest my own time and money into it.

Thank you also to the organizers and fellow vendors at the Bracebridge and Gravenhurst Farmer’s Markets. You are a fabulous community and it’s been an honour to count myself as one of you, even for one season.

Stay tuned!

And please keep in touch on social media @kismetsix on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

~ Tamsen Tillson, August 30, 2019